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"I came to Bobby O'Dell really struggling with low back and knee pain that was affecting my ability to sit and stand for prolonged periods at work. I was no longer enjoying golf because the pain in my back and knee were preventing me from finishing the round and I was very frustrated because my game was suffering as well. Bobby was recommended to me by a friend who had great results in getting him back to the golf course in better shape with less shoulder and knee pain. I'm now able to work more efficiently without pain and I've been able to golf as often as I want. My golf game has improved significantly and I just recently won a local charity golf tournament! Thanks again Bobby."

Mark K.

"I am a police officer and was rear ended in a motor vehicle accident 2 years ago. The accident left me in significant upper back and neck pain that prevented me from getting back to work for 2 years. After failing to find relief trying numerous types of treatment techniques, I found Bobby at 512 Physical Therapy. Through a lot of hard work and hand holding, Bobby got me back to feeling like myself again. I am back to work now and doing my home program daily. Thank you Bobby for giving me a new lease on life and getting me through a very tough time in my life."

Paola M

"I strained my back and hip over a year ago doing a tire rotation at work. I've had two different physical therapist, none have been as successful as bobby has with helping my injuries. “Bobby is great at what he does, he knows exactly what to do to get you going towards your goal and back to where you need to be. In all honestly, I don't think I would have made it to where I am today without his help. He is constantly encouraging you to meet those goals, very supportive, he never pushes you in the wrong direction."

Tina C

I strained my low back at work a year ago and had tried PT before but nothing seemed to help. Bobby was patient and guided me through a difficult low back injury. He was able to finally educate me with what was actually going on with my low back and why we had to do specific exercises. He helped me get back to work and gave me the ability to put the pieces of my life back together again. It was a lot of hard work but in the end it was definitely worth it. Bobby, thank you for your patience and persistence, it made all the difference in the world!"

James H.

"I have had low back and neck pain for 4 years since injuring myself at work. I got the run around from my insurance for a long time and finally got treatment for my back. I had surgery on my neck and have struggled with pain throughout my spine ever since. I could not work and have a handicapped child I am the sole provider for. Through training with Bobby I now have the stamina and strength necessary to work and I was able to get my family back on our feet. Thank you for staying after me Bobby and making therapy fun."

Monica H

"I've been a professional golfer since 1991 and over the last couple years I have started to experience some right shoulder and elbow discomfort that have started to affect my swing. My distance off the tee and power were issues I wanted Bobby to work on. After doing his Titleist Performance Institute testing he identified areas where I was lacking mobility, flexibility, strength, and stability. I was surprised to find there were numerous areas that needed work to help allow my body to perform the way I need it to on the course. I have noticed improved mobility through my upper back, hips, and pelvis which have allowed me to feel more comfortable and dynamic in my swing. I feel more flexible and stronger which has given me more confidence in my game. I'm a work in progress and continue to work with Bobby to give me the edge I need on the course."

Omar Uresti

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The 512 Physical Therapy and Golf Performance Center fitness center operates in Austin and draws customers concerned about personal fitness from the surrounding area.


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