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Every avid golfer is always in search of the latest golf swing aide, swing mechanics, and ever improving new clubs. The truth is each individual golf swing is dictated by body type, posture, and current physical limitations. Identifying these physical limitations and spending the appropriate time addressing these problems is the key to enjoying the game more, dropping your score, and avoiding injury.

Bobby has been trained at the Titleist Performance Institute and is currently a certified Medical Professional Level 2 instructor. He has 20 years of experience as a Physical Therapist. He can help treat any current medical condition while developing a golf specific program to avoid further injury on the course. The initial evaluation consists of Titleist certified testing of balance, flexibility, mobility, and stability. Once limitations are identified a personalized exercise program will be designed to free up your body to perform an efficient and repeatable swing necessary to achieve the results you want from tee to green.

We have a working relationship with multiple golf professionals in the Austin area. Once physical changes are identified and corrected it is imperative you make an appointment with a golf professional to master the technical part of your swing. Your lessons with your golf pro will be significantly more productive if your body is able to perform what your golf professional attempts to teach. I stress to all my clients that if you don't address the physical restrictions it will be very difficult to make appreciable changes to your swing resulting in very inconsistent scores and inefficient movement patterns.

Bobby is currently training PGA professional and UT grad Omar Uresti. Omar has two wins on the Nationwide Tour: one in 1994 at the NIKE Shreveport Open, and one in 2007 at the Livermore Valley Wine Country Championship. "O-MAN" has made 351 PGA Tour starts in his career and has credited physical conditioning and golf specific training as the reason for his success and the longevity in his golf career.

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